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For The End-User

We are looking to make sure that you have access to the tools which will allow you to help manage your content better.

For The Webmaster/Designer

This is the tool which can be used to help manage your website from allowing you to be more efficient with your work.

Free To Download And Use

The RuubikCMS is one tool which is free to download and can also be used almost instantly to help you get great results every time.

Easy To Install And Customize

With Ruubik, you can easily install the app in your laptop and customise it to your needs with the help of customisation options. You can also have information on tracking your content which will keep your updated on all the engagements.

RuubikCMS Developers

XHTML/CSS Website Template

Integrating RuubikCMS to work with an existing XHTML/CSS website layout is quite simple.

Search Engine Friendly Urls

RuubikCMS is developed with search engine optimization and Google in mind.

User Management & Roles

The main purpose of Ruubik is to make sure that you have easy access into the needs of your website, which will help the webmasters manage their websites much better.

Snippets And Extra Code

We have an open customisation option which allows each process of advancements to be unique. This allows the webmaster easy understanding of the app, allowing them to learn as they go.

Latest Updates

Top Content Management System Features

Top Content Management System Features

Managing a website is a complicated process. It’s not easy to design and not easy to operate. They are designed with specific languages like Java, HTML, or PHP. Earlier, when there was no CMS, the sites had to be modified by a programmed by software. Even if it was a...

CMS vs HTML: Why use a content management system

CMS vs HTML: Why use a content management system

There is a lot that goes into the designing of websites. It needs proper knowledge of programming and all the factors that need to be enhanced. If you are new to the game, you must understand that there are a lot of ways of designing a website. This is just one part...

What is the web content management system

What is the web content management system

CMS is the most sophisticated software that allows you to modify, create, controlling, changing, and reassembling the content on a web page. The content is connected to a database. In matters of data, CMS has revolutionized the whole process. Compared to HTML or PHY...

“Ruubik has made my life as a designer so easier, and it helps me manage the assignments and also keep me updated. This has helped me always to be prepared. Highly recommend!”


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